Children’s Wood Community Annual Gala

The Children’s Wood Community project based in the West End of Glasgow and the North Kelvin Meadow make up the last wild space in the area and the project aims to protect this space as well as increase outdoor play for children of all ages and backgrounds.

Regular events are organised by the project, designed to connect children to nature, raise aspirations and bring people together. We are getting ready to organise our Annual Gala, on the 7th June and this year ‘s event is inspired by The International Year of Soils. Our event will highlight the importance of eating fruit , vegetables and grains and combines outdoor play with education. Over 1000 people have attended our Gala days previously.

We hope to have several stalls selling healthy food and produce at the event and I wonder if this might be of interest to your organisation or your members? Alternatively we would be happy with any donations that we could sell out of the Children’s Wood stall. We will also be doing a fruit and vegetable blind tasting, and any donations towards this or prizes for different competitions would be much appreciated.

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