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OF&G chief executive, Roger KerrFollowing the result of the General Election, OF&G chief executive Roger Kerr has urged David Cameron’s government to fulfil its promises to the food and farming sectors.

“We sincerely hope ministers in the new Conservative government will work hard to ensure the needs and concerns of our licensees are met,” he said.

“For the food and farming sectors as a whole we now expect the government to fulfil the pledges it made during the election campaign – such as cutting red tape and developing markets for British food and improving the natural environment, something which organic farming will help deliver.

“For the organic sector in particular, it is vital that our producers are given proper support so that consumers continue to have a choice when food shopping in the UK,” he added.

“To achieve this we will be pushing the government to think carefully about the implications of introducing GM crop technology into the UK to ensure adequate legal protection is given to British farmers who produce non-GM food.

“The organic sector must continue to work together, along with other groups and businesses producing non-GM food, to make sure politicians and businesses in the supply chain maintain a constructive dialogue on this major challenge facing food producers, processors and retailers.”

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