Organic Milk & Iodine

In response to press articles about University of Reading research which suggests drinking organic milk during pregnancy poses a risk to babies’ brain development, OF&G makes the following statement:

“The research relating to lower iodine levels in organic milk has been exposed as out-of-date (July 2013) and no longer reflects the current state of organic milk.

OMSCo – the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative, who supplies 2/3 of the UK’s organic milk – has been working closely with farmers to ensure the levels of iodine in organic dairy cows’ feed are equivalent to non-organic herds.

Indeed, independent tests undertaken in January 2015 show comparable iodine levels.

Organic dairy farmers work tirelessly to ensure they deliver high quality milk that has been proven to deliver other significant health benefits.

Scientific studies have shown that organic whole and semi-skimmed milk has more beneficial omega-3 fatty acid, Vitamin E and beta-carotene than non-organic milk.

It is damaging to the public’s perception of organic milk and ultimately to the farmer’s livelihoods that credence is given to a report, even when its findings no longer accurately represent the situation.

“Working with our organic licensees and other organic partners, OF&G will continue to support organic dairy farmers.”

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