Put the winter weather to work

As we all contemplate snow across the UK (some of us the threat of it, others the real white stuff on the ground) we thought now would be a good time to suggest why all that frozen water might be a good thing…

Snow might bring those without a tractor or a 4×4 to an often unnecessary and shuddering halt – but it does look lovely when it’s freshly on the ground.

With that in mind, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pre-announce (if you will) that we plan on having a bit of a light-hearted photography competition for our licensees. We haven’t finessed all of the details yet, so we can’t spell out how it will work entirely, but an early heads-up might just inspire a few of the more enthusiastic snappers among you to take the opportunity to get creative with the snow and frost (though pictures from warmer times will be equally welcome).

Why a photography competition? Well, primarily because we have been in our current offices for a number of years now and still haven’t got around to making good use of all of the wall space. We could just pop down to a popular Swedish retailer and fill the gaps with generic sports-people-scratching-their-bottoms type images, but we thought it would be much more appropriate to have scenes from our licensees’ lives and work up there; something that means something to them and us. It would hopefully also mean the satisfaction for the winners of knowing their talent is being appreciated day in, day out.

So if you’re photographically inclined (in fact, thinking this through a bit further, original paintings would almost certainly also be welcome…) consider this a heads-up that you could be famous throughout the OF&G offices before this year is out – assuming you won’t be too busy pulling Ford Fiesta’s out of snowy hedgerows…

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